Friday, June 05, 2009

A cat from Brad

I received a delightful award  from Cat's Brad...sorry... I mean Brad's cat...No, that can't be right either. Anyway, He had made this award, which depicts not a real brat, but a statue of a cat, with his own furry hands... No, no, still not right. 

The furry statue in the picture has laid an egg, but that's a good thing, because in America "a good egg"  is a person who is kind. The Brad is giving this "Good Egg Award"  to people who are kind, not brats or rats. 

I am truly honoured to have received it. Thank you Brad.

I wish I knew how to make an award myself. 

And now time has come to pass it on to kind bloggers. There are so many of them... Let me think now and link later:

Yaelian, Yvioon, Olematon, Armanda, Kyllimarjaana, Verna, Arjaanneli, Sirokko, Isopeikko, Ulkomaalainen, Maalainen, Blogisisko, Utua, Elegia, Michelle, Amel, Leonoora, Ripsa...


  1. Ooh, kiitos, I am honoured to be considered a "good egg" as well....:-)

  2. YAELIAN: Yes, I think egg suits you, it looks good on you... but the yolk is on me... Hah hah haa - I must laugh at my puns myself because I'm sure no one else will :D

  3. Thank you so much Rita, for accepting it.
    I thought if Sabrina & Luca could make one, why not try it myself:)
    Thanks again,

  4. Me again.
    Just wanted to say I used "photobucket" to make it, the size adjuster and stickers they offer :)"
    It was fun

  5. Oh, minäkinkö!
    Il vaut mieux avoir l'oeuf aujourd'hui que la poule demain(proverbe grec antique).
    Je suis un peu brouillée de cette charmante considération, mais un oeuf brouillé c'est mieux qu'un oeuf battu, c'est être good egg :)
    Suuri kunnia,kiitos!

  6. BRAD: Thanks for your thanks, and the tip. Must look into that Photobucket thing. Merci beaucoup, mercy buckets :)

  7. SIROKKO: No sinä nyt varsinkin! :)

    Vanhat sananlaskut ovat hyviä, antavat paljon pohdinnan aihetta kaikkina aikakausina. Parempi pyy pivossa...

    Miten virkistävää saada kommenttia en francais :)

  8. Kiitos kanssa. Pitääpä laittaa tuo merkki blogiini, kun olen taas pelkistänyt omaani ehkä liikaakin.

    Thank you for thinking that I am a kind blogger. I hope so.

  9. hey thanks rita :)

  10. OLEMATON: Don't mention it. - Oh, you already did:D

  11. Kiitos Rita!! ...although this 'good egg' is slightly cracked...LOL!!! :D

  12. Hi Michelle! I hope you're feeling better!


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