Monday, June 08, 2009

Friendship Award

Ystävällisiltä ihmisläheisiltä italialaisilta ihmisiltä pukkaa palkintoja ihan solkenaan.  

Cara Armanda mi dona un altro premio sull'amicizia. Il premio viene da due italiani, Sabrina e Luca, ma non sono sicura se l'hanno preparato da soli. 

Un raggio di sole per te.
A ray of sunshine for you.
Auringonsäde sinulle.

Yet another friendship award to my blog from Italy, the land of friendly people. I would give the award to a friendly American, Brad, but Armanda beat me to it. Brad already has the award.

Voglio donare questo premio a tre blog. I would like to pass this award onto three blogs, the writers of which are Finnish ladies who speak Italian: Sari is married to an Italian and lives in Italy. So is, and so does Katja. A third Finnish lady who speaks Italian, although is not married to an Italian and doesn't live in Italy, is Tiina

Allora, se volete commentare in italiano, potete, perchè capiscono italiano.

Buona giornata a tutti! Statemi bene.

Have a great day. Be good!

Mukavaa päivänjatkoa. Voikaa hyvin.


  1. cara Rita

    grazie ,mi fa piacere che hai gradito il premio e donato a persone che scrivono italiano, un bacione

    ciao army

  2. Pregp! E grazie ancora :) Ci vediamo domani!

  3. Cara Rita, è un piacere conoscerti, è un piacere sapere che conosci l'italiano, sei davvero brava! Grazie per le bellissime parole che ci hai scritto! Ti abbracciamo e ti auguriamo di passare una splendida settimana!

  4. Ihan oikeaan osoitteeseen on palkinto löytänyt tiensä!!!

  5. Congratulations on the awards!

    great idea re bread and pears and cheese! you know in these countries they also have different pears than we do... very aromatic!

    great about the walk. really well done. walking is very healthy7good for you. i walk a lot in my home, because it is very large and just simply by going from one end to another, I probbably cover several kms a day... but outside I don't walk that much. one thing is i don't have the time, but another is the fact that my back doesn't exactly get better by doing so...

    I really love the squirrl!!!
    Do you just have cute little squirrls like taht in your own backyard?
    so cute!

  6. Thank you Rita,
    I didn't know about this award from our friend Armanda. :)
    I'll post it shortly.

  7. LUCA e SABRINA: Benvenuti! Anch'io auguro a voi una splendida settimana :) Sono contenta di aver trovato il vostro blog che contiene bei sapori e cose belle. Ci vediamo! Un bacio - Rita -

  8. KATILEIN: Hauskasti sanottu :) Jos olisin jaksanut enemmän linkitellä kesken työpäivän, olisit sinäkin saanut italiankielisen aurngonsädetunnustuksen!

  9. SARAH SOFIA: Hello!!! Thank you for your long comment. Yes, there are lots of different types of pears. I have never before really thought about it, but this year I've discovered pears in a new way :D

    Your home sounds enormous! If there are stairs you can get plenty of exercise every day without going to the gym. Think about how much money you save when you don't pay for sports :) I hope you wear good shoes.

    Yes, we have adorable little squirrels in our own garden. No need to go to the zoo, hah hah.

    BRAD: We seem to be getting the same awards, you and I, and an abundance of them. Isn't it lovely! :)

  10. Ihania auringonnsàteità olet blogiisi saanut :D

  11. - S - Olisi sopinut sinullekin tämä palkinto mainiosti! Minulla vaan oli niin kiire kesken yöpäivän että en ehtinyt tuon enempiä linkityksiä tehdä...


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