Friday, June 12, 2009

Vielä Suurlähetystöä ja ystävyyspalkinto

Taas uusi ystävyyspalkinto. Another friendship award, from my blogging friend Brad. He got it from Jenny, a housewife from Malaysia, and gave it to the usual crowd of friends: Armanda, Sabrina & Luca, Sarah know, the gang! The award is so beautiful and dreamy that I think I'll give it to this dreamy blogger - Haaveilija (=The Dreamer). And to S in Italy, who just got married. Also to Yaelian. I feel I know Yaelian better day by day. Enjoy!

This is what I wore to the Embassy garden party yesterday. I didn't really need the overcoat, nor the umbrella, but I carried them with me when I went downtown to my husband's office. We drove to the Embassy from there and I left those extra things in our car, including the camera, since taking pictures is not allowed.

Eiliset vaatteeni.

However, this morning somebody sent me a picture they had taken with their mobile phone. There you can see the Ambassador Dr Valerie Caton (if you squint). She had just made a speech and a representative from the Olympic committee (the lady waring dark) was speaking when the picture was taken. The lawn is a small miracle. So good-looking it almost doesn't look genuine.

Suurlähetystön nurmikko on pieni ihme jota ihastelemme joka vuosi ja tuumailemme onko se sittenkin keinonurmi. Vanha puutarha on todella upeasti hoidettu. Rhododendron kukkii aina kesäkuussa.


  1. Kiitos ihana, ihana Rita!!! =)

    Miten todella sydämellinen palkinto!

    *niijaa kiitokseksi ja hymyilee suu korvissa*

  2. HAAVEILIJA: Sydämellinen, ja haaveellinen :)

    (Älähän vahingossa venytä korvia:)

  3. Thank you dear Rita for your kind words:-)

  4. Kiiiiitoooos, graaaazie...thank you...It is so lovely. Io sento che sto vivendo il mio sogno al momento. La vita e bella <3

    Ihanan kesàiset vaatteet. Vàri pukee sinua :D

  5. I'm happy to read your post.The part about the "gang" made me laugh.
    Thanks for the smile on my face.
    Brad :)

  6. Jos se ruoho on muavia?

  7. Dear Rita,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I follow you blog from now on.

    Congratulations to you did received "Friendships Award" from Brad!

    Nice to meet you & Have a nice day!

    greeting from Jenny Malaysia.

  8. YAELIAN: Totta joka sana :)

    - S - Preeego :) Sono d'accordo, la vita è bellissima!

    BRAD: I laughed at the "gang" myself, too :)

    ISOPEIKKO: En vieläkään ole ihan varma...

    JENNY: Welcome to my blog :) I'm going to follow your blog, too. Greetings - Rita -


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