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Click on the picture to enlarge it. From the left: Pekka, Mal, Dave, Jukka, Jim.

Fortunately the weather forecast was wrong. It didn’t rain yesterday. It was a beautiful summer day as the six guys you see in the pictures got together and played music for the entertainment of people on the golf course and at the range here:


They played out on the terrace, also known as the 19th hole, unplugged, no backstage, no special effects. Live music, real people, very nice.

James Irving in his kilt, an English teacher, married to a Finn, one daughter Viviana. He plays several instruments and sings. A man of many talents.

This is Colum, one of the three Scotsmen in the ensemble. I almost didn't get his picture, because the batteries in my camera went dead. Perhaps it is true what they say about Scotsmen and their thrifty ways. Colum knew a trick to squeeze a bit more out of the batteries. He told me to take the batteries out and rub them between my hands. That did the trick and I was able to take three more pictures. Magic!

And talking about squeezing, Dave was pretty handy with the accordion. He is the third of the Scotsmen.

Mal is an Irishman, married to a Finn, father of three children. I'd tell you their names, but I don't know how to spell them. The youngest one sounds like Shane, but the spelling is Irish... And the middle child sounds like Sh'yvonne. I'll tell you later. Mal plays a mean game of golf.

The players of the FINNO-CELTIC ENSEMBLE are:

Malcolm Fay
Jim Irving
Pekka Ojasalo
Jukka Jylli
Dave McAree
Colum Mac Oireachtaigh

Need some help with the pronunciation?

MacAree is easy if you’re a Finn. Just think of the word “mäkkäri” (for MacDonald's) and say it like this: MÄK’ ä rii.

Mac Oireachtaigh - well, better have a drink first. Then say Mac Iracti, and Bob’s your uncle!

A groupie? Certainly an enthusiastic member of the audience. He is Niko, a university student of archeology. I was very pleased to make his acquaintance. He sat near the band to enjoy the performance to the fullest and to sing along.

The audience gave the band plenty of claps and there was nobody to throw them flowers but leave them in the pots, which might be painful. Ouch. All and all, a very enjoyable afternoon near the range.

The range where people practise hitting the golf ball.

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