Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ulkona, vähän sateessakin

Mies lähti pelaamaan golfia. Minä menin kävelylenkille, tavallista pidemmälle, ja puolessa välissä alkoi sataa. Onneksi olin ottanut sateenvarjon mukaan, ja onneksi puolisolla on mukana erikoisvalmisteinen valtavan iso sateensuoja, ja muutenkin golfin peluuseen suunniteltuja vaatteita. Vettä hylkiviä, tuulta pitäviä.

My husband went to play golf. I went for my daily walk, which took an hour and twenty minutes today. Luckily I brought an umbrella because it started to rain. My husband has a huge umbrella (an ordinary umbrella in the picture for comparison). He also has some special clothes designed for playing outdoors. Wind-proof, water resistant.


  1. That large sized umbrella is a great idea!
    We have cold weather and clouds, but no rain.
    I just watered my vegetable garden.Seedlings need daily rain.
    I'm not complaining about the cold, it gets so hot and humid in summer that I'll be dreaming about days like this wear you need a sweater :)

  2. BRAD: I'm grateful every time it rains because our garden benefits from it. You don't hear me complain about the weather, either, no Sir. Well, except when it gets hot... That's tough to take. The best policy is to enjoy all kinds of weather, if possible, and if not, just take shelter against it. :)

  3. ciao carissima ,
    come mai non sei venuta a ritirare i tuoi due premi?
    tutto ok? un abbraccio

    ciao army

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  5. Cara, carissima,

    Vengo appena posso!


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