Monday, August 10, 2009

Tammy's Blog

Blogging awards are nice. They don't always mean much, and then sometimes they do. This one came from a blogger whose posts I have come to love and appreciate, so an award from her means a great deal to me.

Tammy writes about things that really matter, the same sort of things I talk about on my other blog (in Finnish). What is wrong, what is right, real friends versus back stabbers, domestic violence, toxic relationships, human and animal rights, faith and so on.

I look forward to reading her daily posts, which I normally read more than once. Today's post was again worth reading. Inspirational.

The little pillow in my picture, sewn by a friend of mine, reminds me of Tammy's pillows and vice versa. What the difference between a pillow and a cushion anyway? We only have one word in Finnish. Throw pillows, sofa cushions, a pin cushion, a pillow case... are there any cushion cases, I wonder? Or are they cushion covers?

Here's the award I got. Dear readers, you're all my pals. If you want the award it's yours. You'll find the rules here.

Tästä tuli nyt englanninkielinen postaus kun halusin antaa positiivista palautetta blogille jonka päivittäisiä kirjoituksia olen alkanut ilolla odottaa. Painavaa asiaa ihmiseltä jolla on ollut todella vaikea lapsuus ja joka elää elämäänsä raittiina AA:n ja uskon avulla, työtä tehden sairauksista ja kivuista huolimatta.


  1. Congratulations Rita. You deserve it. Need your e-mail if you don't mind.

  2. Dear Ms.Rita, I simply must figure out the translator so I can read your finnish postings... or I must undertake the task of learning finnish :)

    I think I shall have the hubs show me how to work it. I do indeed write about everyday things. I find there is enough saturation of the feel good christian blogs that right in your face. I am a christian but I am also a sinner. In that, I have stories to share. THank you for always making time to come visit me. You are a blessing I didn't count on. :)

  3. Phivos: I'll email you...

  4. Onnea ! Hienoja nämä Sinun postauksesi .

    Tytär tuli lomalle Suomeen joten minä en ole ollut kovin paljon blogeilla .

  5. This is a great post.
    I also love reading the stories and experiences of Tammy's.
    Today is the hottest day here so far this summer.
    I'll have to find something refreshing to write about:)


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