Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My stylish student

Oggi ho insegnato l'italiano. La mia alunna elegantissima aveva scarpe italiane, così come la scorsa volta, però non erano le stesse scarpe.

Taas oli tyyliä italian oppilaani olemuksessa. Italialaiset kengät, pallokuosinen mekko, hopeisia koruja.

My student wore polka dots and silver. It has become a habit to photograph her fashionable shoes after Italian class and post the pictures here. This time you see a bit more of her, not just her footwear.

Peippiä meidän pihassa. Dead nettles in our garden.


  1. Violetteja pilkahduksia. =)

  2. I love her shoes! I wonder why you guys are all sporting really bright colour shoes. Must be influenced by the bright summer sun :-D

  3. Oppilaasi on oikea kenkä fashionista! Huomiseen....

  4. Hi Rita,

    Wow, beautiful purple high heel with dot dress! I love it! Is it you?


  5. JENNY: Hello. No it's not me, it's a student of mine :) I teach her Italian.

  6. Rita,
    I'm beginning to think your student is Sabrina! *wink*
    I know how much Sabrina loves those high heels, she's a great gal.Your student seems like a real fashionable lady :)


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