Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Indian-Finnish Birthday Party

Yesterday was young Master Prabhnoor's first birthday and we celebrated it in the privacy of his home. The festivities began with the cutting of the cake. And what a pretty and yummy cake it was! Pirjo had made it and brought it on the bus from her home. Ensin syötiin Pirjon tekemää upeaa herkullista kakkua, johon hän oli edellisenä päivänä valmistanut pinon pohjia. Vasta kakun jälkeen söimme ruokaa.

Noor's dad Charandeep, who works for Elisa, is good at technology. We could see a marvellous picture show on their flat screen TV. Pictures of the family in India, Indian and other friends in Finland, many pictures of baby Noor, and lots and lots of Pirjo, Eric, me and my husband. It was great.

Charandeep, Amrita and little Noor with their "adopted family" Pirjo and her son Eric. Kaikki alkoi siitä kun Pirjo pysäytti Charandeepin kadulla muutama vuosi sitten koska tämä oli intialaisen näköinen ja Pirjo halusi tiedustella oliko turvallista tehdä Intian matka silloisten selkkauksien aikaan.

The birthday boy was rather tired. Uni voitti lopulta pikku synttärisankarin.

We met some warm and friendly Indian people at the party. This is Smitha and her son Apu. Apu was the life of the party, joyful and outgoing. To my great surprise he spoke English. That made it easy to make friends with him.

Ah, the food, the food... ! What a treat. Indian food prepared by real Indian people in their home. Everything was excellent. Kidney beans (the dark mixture) and something delicious with tofu in it.

A salad (I loved the thin round raw slices of carrot in it), rice, something spicy with chicken in it and some Finnish beetroot-horseradish thingamajig.

These lovely ladies were Varsha (on the left) and Ritu (on the right). The sweet little boy was Akshat. There was also a super nice Russian lady, Yev, but I didn't get any good pictures of her. I'm hoping someone else at the party did.

Ritu's husband Manik was at the party, but Smitha's husband was working and had not yet arrived when we left, so we didn't get to meet him.

A perfect end to a perfect evening: Indian tea, made even more festive with a bit of cardemum in addition to ginger and cinnamon.


  1. Kaikki näyttää hyvältä:ruoka,ihmiset,tunnelma.,,,

  2. Sinä tulitkin mieleeni kun noita ruokien kuvia pistin tänne... :)

  3. What a great birthday Indian party! I can see from your post that you really enjoyed the party and met a lots of new friend. Another hot and spicy food..yummy! I guess you already immune in hot and spicy.

    Just back from cinema with all my family watching Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 1... can't wait to see the part 2.

    Great Wednesday!

    Jenny ;~D

  4. Yes, Jenny, you're right - I think maybe I'm used to spicy Indian food now :) It was delicious.

    I don't know that film, but I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


  5. Rita,
    What a fun party!
    The children are adorable.
    It must be wonderful having the gift for languages and being able to communicate to people of all different tongues.
    You are a great party girl :)

  6. Brad: yes, indeed. It is wonderful to be able to talk with people. If there is no common language it's really difficult to communicate. Two of the little ones don't understand Finnish so I think I'll have to learn Hindi :D

  7. Yevgeniya1:20 am

    Hei Rita,

    Kiitos mielenkiintoisesta blogistanne!!

    Oli hauska tutustua Teitä :)

  8. Hei Yev

    Hauska saada sinulta kommentti :)

    Toivottavasti tapaamme uudelleen !


  9. Hi Rita

    Lovely pics :) But Manik is my husband not Varsha's as you have mentioned that "Varsha's Husband Manik was at party" :)

  10. Voi jestas miten ihanat juhlat ja upea kakku! =D

  11. Ritu: Sorry about that :) I'll correct it immediately.

    Great to see you here!

  12. Una: Kiitti, tuntuu kivalta saada noin ihastunut kommentti. Itsekin hihkuin kun olimme Amritan ja Charandeepin kutsuilla :)

  13. Awesome cake! :) The birthday boy is also so cute. Last Tuesday I saw in swim hall a cute little boy with dark skin, no idea from which country, and an old finnish woman went to talk to him and his mother, and later when changing clothes I talked to the old woman about many things. I slowly learn to become more social and it's fun. Yesterday I saw a note about a group for discussing living in Finland as foreigner or coming back here after living long somewhere else, but it was for russian speakers only. :/ Maybe I'll find something for all kinds of people. I only speak english and german in addition to finnish. Plus I know a few persian words due to constant listening to Behnam Safavi, thank you Rita for once posting his song in Facebook. :) I really love his music.

  14. Ill: What a delightful comment, thank you for that.

    Talking to "strangers" can be truly enjoyable, at least I enjoy it, and do it every now and then.

    As for the support group you talk about, why don't you start one! Somebody has to start these things, right? Why not you? :)

    Behnam Safavi... Oh yes! Had forgotten about him. Thanks for reminding me. YouTube is great.

    Going to visit our Persian friends this afternoon...


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